Information for authors
Information for authors

By submitting an article to the magazine "Ukrainian dental Almanac", you must follow these rules:

  1. The article should be accompanied by a letter from the institution where the author works, a visa of academic supervisor (for applicants of a scientific degree) and be signed by the head of the institution (rector, vice-rector for scientific work or head doctor).
  2. Article shall be submitted to the act of inspection of the lack of information constituting a state secret.
  3. The author’s details are attached indicating the following data: full name; scientific degree, academic title; employment and occupation; e-mail; address for correspondence; contact phone numbers.
  4. The text of the article is sent in printed form in two copies typed on a computer in Word 97, a floppy disk or other digital media. Font size - 14 points (size 14) 1,5 interval without hyphen (division of the word) and numeration of the paper, with illustrations in the text.
  5. Illustrations (tables, graphs, photographs, pictures, diagrams) is also presented by separate files. Illustrations must be submitted according to the requirements printed in the "Bulletins of HAC of Ukraine» № 2, 2000 Number of illustrations should not exceed 6 items.
  6. The amount of clinical and experimental and theoretical articles - at least 5 pages of computer text student (excluding references and summary); content of the review - no more than 14 pages, short resume - 1 page reviews - up to 1,5 pages. Fields from above - 2 to 5 cm, left - 3, 5 cm, right 1, 5 cm, bottom - 2 cm.
  7. On the first page of the article the UDC is noted, author's name in capital letters, name of the article, name of the institutions where the authors work.
  8. In the presentation of the material must follow:
    • the topicality of research with a clear statement of purpose and objectives of scientific innovation and practical significance;
    • a brief description of material and methods of research with the source of information if data of studies method are not original (proposed by the authors);
    • results and discussion;
    • conclusion;
    • recommendations for further research;
    • list of quoted literature;
    • resume.
  9. References is given in order of quotation, references in the text must be with numbers in quadrant brackets. List must be arranged in accordance with the requirements of the "Bulletin of HAC of Ukraine» №3, 2008. List of sources of review articles should not exceed 30, and 15 others (for the last 10 years).
  10. Summary is given in three languages with keywords. Summary in Ukrainian and Russian languages up to 1000 characters, extended structured summary in English of at least 2 pages of printed text.
  11. Editorial Board reserves the right to edit and shorten the article. If the article does not meet the requirements or it is necessary to be returned for correction, the date of receivingarticle will be the date after last editorial of the given article.
  12. One page of A4 paper with printed text through one and a half interval, size 14. It costs 36,10 Ukrainian hryvnas.

Funds for publication must be transfered to the following bank details:

Beneficiary: Higher state educational establishment of Ukraine "Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy"
ACCOUNT 31258202208019
Bank of BENEFICIARY in Poltava region
Name and surname of the first author of the article:

Higher medical
educational institution
of Ukraine
"Ukrainian medical
stomatological academy"

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